Co-own aircraft with like minded folks


For someone who is always in control of their affairs, the only time you may feel out of ‘Control ‘ and frustrated is when you Fly commercial! If you have already been flying charters then it is time to upgrade to a new experience! Join an exclusive club of business leaders with the IndiaJets Membership Programme (IJMP)

How it works

Identify your travel needs

After understanding your travel needs, the IndiaJets team will recommend the ideal aircraft for you and also the optimum number of hours that you may need to subscribe every year.

Tailor made solutions for you

Based on your travel needs, the IndiaJets team will customize a solution for you.

Onboard you to the IndiaJets Membership Programme

On completion of all documentation, the IndiaJets team will guide you on how to make the best use of your time while on travel.

Operationalise the aircraft in India through your own NSOP or one of our associate’s

IndiaJets, in partnership with its NSOP partner operator, will take care of crew onboarding, training & rostering, as well as aircraft deployment, based on your requirements.

To know more about the IndiaJets Membership program and for a personalised consultation with one of our Business Aviation experts ….


IJMP Membership Benefits