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As a business leader, why do you endure…

Long Queues

India’s aviation boom brings its own set of challenges. Crowded airports are unavoidable

No Privacy

Business class seats are offered on very few routes

No Comfort

Airliner configurations are maximised for seating capacity. Comfort takes a back seat

Flying private is a proven productivity enhancer, whose benefits far outweigh the costs. It is no surprise that the most successful business leaders in the world fly private


Your office at 35,000 ft

We understand that one size does not fit all

Consult with us

Book a free consultation with us to understand which aircraft and plan suits you best

Understand Financial Impact

Owning an aircraft involves understanding of many cost elements. We will guide you through each of those

Finalize Optimal Solution

Assess cost benefit analysis using our expert analysis and always take the right decision

There is a solution for every need

Fly Charters

No financial commitment. Pay as you fly. Choose from a wide range of aircraft. Full flexibility as per your mission requirements

Buy Block Hours

Benefit from lower charter rates. IndiaJets quality assured as the aircraft is managed by us and you just tell us when you want to fly

Co-own aircraft

Get together with like minded people and share the asset. We manage the schedules for you and provide you full visibility of aircraft availability

Want to buy your own aircraft and don’t know how it works?

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